Creaciones de mi corazón


Panquequesita @ VSCO Cam

Frutas de verano

aguacate, kiwi, limón, piña, naranja rojo, sandía

(Some quick illustrations I’ve made on my smartphone with Studio Design free app

Summer fruits

avocado, kiwi, lime, pineapple, red orange, watermelon)

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My friend and I have a new blog. We are creative and are launching a new line of clothes and accessories marked with our design ideas. It’s a mixture of Worldwide cultural motifs, boho carelessness, summer-y splashes, absolutely lovley stuff. 

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 Your Panquequesita

Tarot no miente

Querido Tarot,

 ¿Es posible instalar facebook app en iOS 4.1 y cómo?

 Su Vinkita Panquequesita de Papel Bolsita

Querido Vinkita Panquequesita de Papel Bolsita!,

 No, porque a pesar de la intuición y el talento, que no estás en una posición segura.

 Su Tarot.

(Tarot does not lie

Dear Tarot,
is it possible to install the facebook app on iOS 4.1 and how?
Your Vinkita Panquequesita de papel Bolsita

Dear Vinkita Panquequesita de Papel Bolsita!,
No, because despite the intuition and talent, you are not in a safe position. 

Your Tarot.)

Caracoles pequeños en el semáforo
(Small snails at the light)

Vampire (fin de semana)

(Vampire (weekend))

Panqueque + Tomate
This illustration is committed to my man and everything that has to do with him and us. It’s a little bit lame but what can I do! 

Pequeño zombi 

mi autorretrato para halloween

(Little zombie 

my self portrait for halloween)

Bailando extraterrestres de color
(Dancing extraterrestrials in color)